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Indo Yoga

Take your training to a new level and develop your core power and full body balance and stability with yoga training on an unstable surface. Indo Yoga Board training is similar to the increasingly popular practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga – without the need for water, a paddle board or perfect weather!
With many options for practice, including varying levels of instability (with the use of indo flow cushions), anyone can enjoy this practice and feel successful. 

Indo Yoga Schedule 

Monday - 6:30pm 

Tuesday - 10:00am

Wednesday - 6:30pm

Thursday - 10:00am

Active Isolated Stretching

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn the proper way to stretch using the Active Isolated Stretching technique, the Mattes Method. Prepare yourself for an hour of “stretch” power focusing on a “nose to toes” approach to improved mobility. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. All you need is comfortable clothing, motivation and a smile; so come join us! Mats will be provided, but feel free to bring own if you prefer.  Call for Scheduling