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After breaking my ankle and suffering related physical problems with balance and my back, I started training at Fit & Functional in January 2013. Sherman and Jenn have provided expert guidance and encouragement resulting in greater progress than I could have imagined. My core strength and balance are better than before my fall and my back no longer is a limitation on my mobility. Personal attention and commitment to successful outcomes are central to the every day mission of Fit & Functional.- Kris Ellington 

I began my experience with Sherman and his team back in 2008. I was hitting the reset button in my life on balance and wellness and they were there to help me get rolling again! Although my degree is in Health & Exercise Science, and I can say that I "know" what I should have been doing...there is an element of accountability that's necessary for success when establishing healthier habits and replacing the bad ones! From personal training, to group classes, massage therapy and nutritional counseling, Sherman and his team helped get me back on track!- Audrey Bell

I started with the Group Fit exercise class at noon three days per week & realized I needed more one on one help. I have been working out with Sherman for about 8 months now & I have never felt better. Not only is he helping me with an exercise program, he is also helping me with nutrition. He is very knowledgeable about fitness, diet and health and has helped me a great deal. I would certainly recommend Fit & Functional to anyone who is looking to better their body through exercise & nutrition.- Margie Fletcher

Fit and Functional is awesome. I have been using their personal training service for over a year for two to three times a week. All of the trainers are very professional and knowledgeable. I have been active on and off most of my life, but it wasn't until I started to going to Fit and Functional that I have been able to make my personal health a priority for my life. Going to meet with my trainer is something I look forward to each week. The staff encourages you to have a realistic and healthy perspective of health and nutrition and supports where you are at in your journey towards your best self. You don't feel like your on an impossible track and this keeps me coming back. Their prices are comparable to any other trainers in town, but how they help you reach your personal goals makes them different. Having a personal trainer is one of the best things I do for myself. I will do without a lot of other things before I cut this out of my budget.- Darica Smith

I utilize the massage option at Fit & Functional. The therapist is very good, and will apply deep tissue massage strongly if you require or request it. She is personable and has always been truly interested in my well-being. The massage room is at the back of the facility, so I never hear noises from the various fitness machines and devices. I have tried several massage options in town and F&F's massage offering is one of the best I have found. Rates are reasonable. Appointment times are adequate, and you can usually schedule a massage at a mutually convenient time. I have not used the exercise equipment, but I have observed the staff working with their clients, and they appear to be genuinely involved, watching how the clients do the repetitions, offering suggestions and encouragement. This is not a large facility, which is a factor in its favor. You do not get the feel you are being herded through a fitness factory. Instead, you feel you are part of a caring and engaged group of professionals. Give Fit & Functional a try and I think you'll be glad you did.- Michael Ramage

I had reached a plateau in my weight and fitness level where my regular exercise routine of classes and walking just wasn't doing it for me any longer. I decided for the first time ever to sign up for a personal trainer in order to "jump-start" my workouts and hopefully, make some progress. I joined Fit & Functional and workout with Sherman three times a week. I love it! Every session is different from the previous session and time passes so fast--it's never boring! It is customized for my age and fitness level. I don't have to worry about adjusting the equipment to the right settings; I don't worry about whether I'm working out "all the right muscle groups"; I don't even worry about occasional issues with my lower back or knees---Sherman will adjust the routines and I always get a great workout! In one month, I lost 6% in body fat and 1 inch on my waist. I'm very encouraged! I would definitely recommend Fit & Functional to anyone!-Kendal McAvoy

After much procrastination and with much whining, I began two-per-week sessions at Fit & Functional just over two years ago. The whining is long over and I look forward to my sessions because I know I'll feel good afterward, be proud of my accomplishments (primarily increased strength), and because I'm doing something good for myself and my family. The F&F staff is superb at knowing my strengths and limitations and sensing how much to push on a given day. This is the best ongoing investment I've ever made. - Meg Guyton

Sherman, Bill, and Fit and Functional has been great for me. They always work around the time I have to exercise. They actually care about how I am doing and how I can improve. They also have the best massages in town!- Wansley Walters 

My daughter gave me two gift workouts for Christmas and I loved it. I have been a regular since May now and it has helped me feel better. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing some direction in their workouts. - Bill Brueckheimer

Fabulous personalized programs that work with my schedule to maximize needed weight bearing exercise. Thank you Sherman and Bill for more than a year of great training! - Lisa Conti

Great environment, and the staff is wonderful.- Blair Boyd

Sherman is wonderfully patient, the facility is clean and with his help I am getting better.- John Buck

Fit & Functional is by far the best place in Tallahassee to find a personal trainer. The level of expertise is apparent from the initial consultation. They helped me with my nutrition. The exercises are fun and challenging. My workouts never got stale and I even got to do some fun things I saw on tv. I look forward to every session. - A Google User

I grew up on a small farm in the south where every meal came with homemade buttermilk biscuits and mashed potatoes and gravy. I learned how to cook using recipes in which lard was an ingredient! Needless to say I had developed terrible eating habits. It wasn't until I was in college when I realized that I couldn't continue to eat that way. Over the years I had stopped cooking those recipes or learned to substitute the ingredients. I made small changes, but never fully committed to eating healthy. To be honest, I didn't really know what that meant. After turning 30 I knew that if I continued down this path it was going to catch up with me. I started going to the gym but again, never fully committed. I would go a few weeks then stop. In March of this year I decided to get serious about taking care of myself. I knew I wanted to start a family within the next few years and I wanted to be as healthy as possible. So I hit the gym 3-4 times a week and stuck with it for 3 months. I noticed a few changes in my body and that really drove me to want more. I had always heard that getting fit and staying fit is all about nutrition. So, I decided to visit a nutritionist. As silly as it sounds, I needed someone to teach me how to eat healthy. I came across the Fit and Functional website and was excited to see they offered a free consultation. I had my first visit with Sherman on June 20, 2012. The process was very thorough. He asked about my health history, workout schedule, eating habits and water consumption. Most importantly, he wanted to know what I expected. After talking for a while, we set some weekly goals and I was so eager to get started. The online nutrition planning website easily guided me to the right food choices. I found that preparation is the key. I met with Sherman again after my first week and we went through all my meals. He made a few adjustments and pointed out some areas for improvement while also acknowledging my successes for the week. Over the next three weeks we continued to meet every Friday and review each meal. I had a few bumps in the road but Sherman always got me back on track. I noticed big changes in my skin and just felt better in general. July 20, 2012 was my exit consultation with Sherman. My results were unbelievable. In four weeks I lost 3% body fat, while maintaining my initial body weight of 123lbs. This means I lost 3.7 pounds of nothing but body fat and gained muscle! I can't tell you how happy I am. I made no changes in my workouts while working with Sherman. My results are from following his nutritional guidance. I can honestly say that he taught me everything I know about eating healthy. Thanks Sherman, you rock! - Bobbie Baggett

'Working with Nigel has given me a better understanding of both my weaknesses and strong points. I like that he continuously changes-up our workouts, allowing me to have more variety and many times exercises that I can do right at home. - Christina L. McDonald

It seems everyone is trying to get healthy. I have met more and more people who have lost 40-60 or even 100 pounds. Many have become healthy enough to stop taking their expensive medications and all their numerous side effects. And these are very happy people.

Recently I met Nigel, a personal trainer. During my military and civilian careers I have worked with many good exercise experts. But Nigel has a calmness and love of helping others that I have not noticed before. I asked him what motivates him.

He was a football player before graduating with a degree in marketing. For five years his work involved a lot of traveling. By age 30 he was over 300 pounds and physically and mentally depressed. The final straw was realizing he couldn't move well on the basketball court. He decided to get healthy.

He studied nutrition and ate better. He began to exercise smartly and even obtained a certificate as a personal trainer. He lost 100 pounds and now says he can't wait to experience life and grow older. He truly wants others to be healthy and experience the same happiness.

From our lst training session to the end we felt he was our friend. He asked us what our goals were and designed a plan just for us. He was very easy to talk to and make suggestions. He seemed totally free of judgment.

He studies the latest science and lives what he preaches. He is the total professional, calling us "gentlemen" or Mr. Barnett. My first surprise was how he kept a constant eye on our techniques. Once when I thought he wasn't watching and slacked off, he immediately corrected me.

It turned out even when he walked away he watched us in the mirror. He timed our rests and exercise efforts. He corrected our breathing. And once when there was a miscommunication on the training time, he came in an extra day just to be sure we got our full program. I even saw him volunteering at the Working Well community event.

Nigel just wants us healthy and knows from experience what it takes. If you are interested in getting healthy and happier see Nigel. It really is possible to get healthy again and change your life.

THANKS. I loved the sesssions and will recommend you to everyone. -Joseph Barnett

WOW! Where do I begin? Fit & Functional has changed my life. I’ve lost inches; gained bone density; increased stamina and improve strength and balance. Working out at Fit & Functional is something I look forward to. My stress level and blood pressure are also lower. Thanks, Sherman! - Jackie M.

I had 4 weeks to reach US Navy physical fitness standards when I came to Fit & Functional. After starting at Day 1 not able to do any pushups and very few sit-ups, Sherman helped me reach the physical fitness standards in just 1 month. Without Fit & Functional I would not have been able to meet the requirements to get into the Navy. - Catherine C. 

I truly owe Fit & Functional a big thanks because I couldn't have accomplished what I have without the two of you! I could go on and on about how my confidence and self esteem has increased over the last year, not to mention how proud I am of all of the weight that I've lost but truthfully I don't think I could express with words how you have changed my life!! All I can say is thank you both. - Melissa F.

I started weight training at Fit & Functional after receiving a poor bone density report. Women lose approximately .5% bone density, per year, starting at the age of 30 and .8% after age 40. Since weight training with Sherman Rosier, my bone density has increased 5.2% in two and a half years. Along with having stronger bones I went from 25% body fat to 18.4%, in my 1st year at Fit & Functional. - Leslie R.

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have changed my life, as I have a good workout routine, I eat healthy, and feel the best I have ever felt. You are an amazing trainer and anything I can do to help you please let me know. 
 Thanks again for everything Sherman, I sincerely appreciate you and will always brag about how you helped me get into good shape!! - Mike D.

After recently turning 40, it was time to get serious about losing the extra weight and feeling better about myself. Sherman’s focus on living healthy, instead of watching the scale and starving myself, have made these first two months a great success. My days that start at Fit & Functional are days filled with more energy, and improved mood, and feeling of accomplishment.- John Tomasino

My husband and I have been seeing Sherman twice a week for about two months, and it has been an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. The workouts are challenging but fun and I am definitely seeing results. Sherman’s body composition calculations and advice on how much and what to eat is invaluable. He has helped me get away from an obsession with the numbers on the scale and become more focused on other changes that indicate weight loss – I can tell my shape is changing, I feel healthier and stronger, and I am back to wearing some clothes I couldn’t fit into before. - Kathy Butler

Thanks Fit & Functional you're the best! 
I appreciate the staff's positive attitude and their ability to motivate people to work toward a better mind and body. With help from your highly skilled and professional trainers, my whole 
life has changed for the better. Without their help, I may have never obtain my 
goals like losing 6 percent body fat, reducing my cholesterol and making my 
overall outlook on life 110% better. Also my daily energy has improved due to an increased metabolism and I sleep very well. I am so grateful you exist in Tallahassee 
and I hope to continue using the lessons I've learned for a lifetime.
- Heather R Fleming, 44 yrs young

Fit & Functional Studio has been such a gratifying addition to my weekly routine. I was instantly hooked on Fit & Functional after coming from another studio where I started feeling bored. Sherman effortlessly motivates and encourages me while constantly changing the workouts so my body stays challenged and I stay interested. Since joining Fit & Functional I have been rewarded with a toned body, higher energy level and overall improved outlook on daily life. My jeans are fitting better and in some cases fitting again for the first time in a year! This has been an extremely satisfying lifestyle change. Thank you Fit & Functional trainers for keeping me accountable to myself and improving my overall health. - Jessica Spector

In July of 2007 I had my first baby. For a year I spent countless dollars on gym memberships and diets to try and lose the baby weight. Although, I managed to lose most of it, I was unhappy with the overall fitness of my body. I wanted to tone and regain my strength as well as my flexibility. Working out on my own just wasn't getting me the results that I wanted.  It's so much easier to exercise when you are in a private setting, motivated and guided by a professional trainer. I met Sherman at a local fitness convention. I signed up for his e-newsletter and after a few months of receiving it, I decided to give Fit & Functional a try. Starting a fitness program at Fit & Functional was the best decision I could have made! Sherman takes a personal and genuine interest in helping you reach your fitness goals. The training sessions at Fit and Functional are challenging, varied and fun. In just 3 months, with Sherman's help, I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. My body fat is at 17% and I am more fit than I was when I played varsity sports in high school. More importantly, I feel better about myself. I highly recommend Sherman at Fit and Functional to anyone who wants to make significant physical improvements with a program tailored for his or her specific needs and objectives. - Julie Hodge

Fit & Functional has become a twice a week "must do" for me ever since I joined in April of 2007. I was a Health and Physical Education major in college, but training techniques and strategies have changed so much over the years that my personal workout routines were not accomplishing what I needed. After several surgeries over the years, my body required a specialized focus on my injured muscles and joints. While my weekly workouts at Fit & Functional have created a change my physical wellness, it has also benefited my mental health as a great stress-release strategy. My body fat and the amount of joint pain I had previously experienced is lower, which allows me a good nights rest. Sherman and his staff continue to make a positive impact on my physical and mental health. It’s my must do! - Randy Zepp